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The Law Office of Nicholas E. Bowers offers professional, diligent and thorough legal services to individuals and businesses throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, and Westchester in the practice areas of Transactional Real Estate, Real Estate Litigation, Landlord and Tenant Law, Business Litigation and Other Civil Litigation.

Treating clients with respect, responding promptly to clients’ phone calls and emails, and tailoring legal services to meet the needs and budget of each particular client are the cornerstones of the firm. We believe in providing consistently professional and high quality business and real estate litigation services to our clients throughout New York.

The Law Office of Nicholas E. Bowers, PLLC was founded in 2009 and is committed to delivering the highest quality legal services to each and every one of its clients in a professional, effective and cost-efficient manner.  We encourage you to contact us to learn more about the specific legal services provided by the firm.



I had a great experience working with Nick.  He helped me buy my first coop on the upper west side in New York City- a process which I do not think I would have been able to get through without him.  He was great at leading me through all the steps and being my advocate.  He completed everything in a timely matter, was very patient with all my questions and is courteous and professional.  I would recommend him highly to any of my friends who are purchasing an apartment.

- Elli S., Cooperative purchaser

Working with Nick was not only a pleasurebut a relief. He made the sale of my condo with a difficult buyer stress free. He was caring, compassionate, understanding, considerate, always available, returned calls promptly, and a great listener too!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nick or use him again for another real estate transaction. He is a true professional, who takes his time to sit down and break it all down for you. He is sincere and diligent. In fact, he worked with me during a complicated closing right up to the day of his vacation and even checked in with me even during it.

- Lou S.; Condominium Seller

I just recently bought my first condo in Williamsburg Brooklyn. As a first time home buyer,  the thought of seeing the purchase through until close seemed very daunting. Nick was very patient and informative. His main concern was protecting me and my interest, not just simply closing the deal and collecting money.

It was not your typical purchase either. This was a government subsidized lottery for low income families. These are great programs, but these are not easy deals to put together and often they can drag on for quite awhile. Each phase of the process required many steps that needed to be completed accurately and timely. Nick was there every step of the way with either an email or a phone call, telling me what to do next. If I ever need to purchase another home it will be with Mr. Bowers help. I can't wait to recommend him to a friend!

- Aaron A., Condominium purchaser

My husband and I had the incredible pleasureof working with Nick Bowers when we purchased our first apartment on the UWS of NYC this winter. As two very detailed financial professionals in the middle of their first major personal investment, Nick made a situation riddled with confusion and unnecessary complications a seamless and efficient closing process.

Nick took the time to educate us every step along the way and worked hand in hand with us to accomplishing our goals of closing on the apartment without compromising our wishes. Nick is trustworthy, diligent and a complete pleasure to work on a transaction with which we look forward to doing again and recommending to all of our friends!

- Pamela K.; Cooperative Purchaser

As first time buyers in New York City, with the added complication of buying for our daughter, we had many questions. Nick was always there with the answers and never made me feel like it was bother to him. Knowing that he was there to support us from the looking stage right through closing, gave us an ease of mind and confidence that made it become a reality.

-David F., Cooperative purchase

Nick was a fantastic lawyer and a pleasure to deal with. He is extremely professional, dedicated, diligent, and thorough and always looks out for his clients’ best interest.  He is very knowledgeable and made our apartment purchase process much more manageable.

- Shirley H.; Cooperative Purchaser

"We worked with Nick Bowers for our condo closing and we could not be more happier with his service. Nick stepped in at the last minute due to unforseen circumstances with our prior lawyer and his sincerity and work ethic, reassured us from the get go. He was very responsive every step of the way and worked tirelessly, within the short time frame available, to protect our interests. He was available to us whenever we needed him, and was immensly patient with our questions and requests.

Our closing could not have happened in a timely manner without Nick's help. We would highly recommend Nick's services for any residential real estate needs."

Baliji R.; Condominium purchaser

The process of purchasing my co-op apartment became a long, drawn out difficult process.  If it wasn’t for my attorney, Nicholas Bowers, I would not own my apartment today and I'd be out of pocket a substantial sum of money.  From dealing with multiple counter parties to running around NYC in the rain to get paperwork the very day of closing he really made it happen. I would highly recommend Nicholas Bowers and intend to utilize his services again in the future.

- Samantha G., Cooperative purchaser

Nick was highly recommended to us by a well known realtor in NYC. He handled our closing with professionalism and respect. He is very knowledgeable, efficient and a pleasure to work with. He was always accessible whether by phone or email. Nick made our closing enjoyable and stress free. I would highly recommend Nick Bowers to my business associates and friends when purchasing a coop or condo. If you are looking for an excellent attorney with an unbelievable client focus, dedication and leadership, recommend that you look no further and contact The Law Office of Nick Bowers, PLLC.

- Rita L., Cooperative purchaser

Nick helped me with the purchaseof my new condo apartment last year and I didn't hesitate when retaining his services on the sale of my co-op apartment this year. If I am ever asked for a recommendation or if I enter into a future real estate transaction, Nick will certainly be #1 on the list. He is trustworthy, diligent, professional, personable, available and timely. Everything you want and appreciate in a real estate lawyer. Nick is careful to take the time to highlight all potential issues, explain options and the legality of contractual clauses.

- Steve T.; Cooperative Seller and Condominium Purchaser

I have worked with Mr. Bowers since the fall of 2009. Mr. Bowers represented me in a unique and rather complicated tenant/landlord dispute (in this case I was the former). Apart from his impeccable knowledge of real estate law, Mr. Bowers treated me as his top priority, and was never late in responding to my queries or acting on my behalf and in my interest when it was necessary.

Apart from being an excellent professional, Mr. Bowers treated me as a friend, and never once did he lead me to believe that my case was not as important and urgent as everyone else’s.

Mr. Bowers’s services were of top quality; I still consider him my lawyer, even though my case has ended (4 months ago). I would recommend his services very highly.

- Eleni A., Landlord/tenant litigation

Working with Nick made the very stressful experience of buying my first co-op in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn a breeze. He was very professional, was able to answer every question I had at every turn (and that was a LOT of questions about everything from major, basic overarching things about real estate I didn't get to nitpicky things!) and was awesome about staying in touch and being really easy to contact-- I highly recommend him!

- J.T., Cooperative purchase

Nick Bowers was referred to me through a mutual friend and I couldn't have been happier with him. My grandmother had passed away and it was my duty to find the right type of lawyer to help me and my family with her estate. To my everlasting relief, Nick Bowers was not only a breath of fresh air but he took care everything that needed to be taken care of. He made himself available to me when most lawyers stopped working for the day and he was able to ease what I thought was going to be a very difficult process. 

In the future, Nick Bowers will not only be the one I definitely recommend to all of my friends if they want someone to treat them like a person and not a dollar sign but I will also be seeking his advice when it’s time for me to sell my condo.

- Carla P.; Cooperative Seller

"I had a wonderful experience using The Law Office of Nicholas E. Bowers, PLLC. Mr. Bowers was recommended by a close friend, and he certainly lived up to the expectations. His level of professionalism, and knowledge were not only great assets to our project, but refreshing to see, as many attorneys in New York have lost those characteristics. He represented me while selling a property in New York, and the transaction went extremely smooth, and without a hitch.

Nicholas was in the driver's seat during the entire process, which took any pressure off of me. He truly made it effortless on my part. I highly recommend his services."

- Michael S. ; Cooperative seller

"I had an outstanding issue to contend with the developer of my building. I had no interest in pursuing a law suit, but in recouping my expenses to correct poor workmanship. Mr. Bowers was efficient, professional, responsive and realistic — he followed up with me and kept on top of the developer as needed. He asked good questions, obtained all the documents and information he needed upfront — reviewed it in a timely manner and wrote a strong and comprehensive letter immediately, based on all the supporting evidence he was provided with — which left the developer with little room to walk away.

He was able lead me to realistic expectations pertaining to process and outcome. And I was ultimately very satisfied with the outcome. I would gladly use him again and will recommend him to my friends in that regard as well."

- Shamaya G.; Real estate litigation

 I worked with Nick Bowers when I purchased my first apartment and he was really fantastic.  I met with him in his office and he was eager to educate me on the process and answer any questions I had.  As with most mortgages these days, delays and frustrations can and will mount and when I encountered obstacles, he was positive and very knowledgeable in helping me navigate through them.  He even took the initiative to make important calls himself to speed up the process. 

Thankfully, he was a pain-free part of the home purchase and I really appreciated how accessible he was.  I very recently sent another first-time home-buyer friend to Nick and highly recommended him.

- Ryan D.; Cooperative purchaser

My experience in doing business with Nick bowers for the purchase of our Manhattan apartment was the best part of the situation. He was extremely thorough in not only reviewing the contract, but also in explaining the meaning of the terms to us. I thank him for his hard work and look forward to doing business with him in the future.

- Jordan A., Condo purchaser