Real Estate Transactions & Litigation


The firm has represented hundreds of clients in the purchase or sale of their cooperative apartments, condominium apartments and houses as well as with residential and commercial leases. We are happy to chat with you about your individual needs but below is a listing of some of the services we provide.

  • Power of attorney forms
  • Drafting and negotiating of the following: Contract of sale; Residential leases; Commercial leases; Joint property agreements; Property agreements dividing real property; Tenancy in common agreements; Option agreements; Post-closing possession agreements; Boundary agreements
  • Representation involving 1031 agreements
  • Reviewing real estate legal contracts, financial statements, offering plans, residential/commercial leases and board minutes
  • Ordering and reviewing title report on the property (if applicable)
  • Providing consultation to you as needed related to the purchase or sale
  • Preparing documents necessary to close the transaction, including a final closing statement for your records
  • Scheduling and attending the closing

Real Estate Litigation

The firm has represented clients in the Civil Court, Housing Court, Supreme Court, Appellate Term and Appellate division of the State of New York. These cases include:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Cooperative and Condominium Association Disputes
  • Rescission and Reformation and Partition
  • Boundary Disputes and Easements
  • Fraud
  • Housing court proceedings involving non-payment and holdover proceedings
  • Lease Buy-outs


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